You’ve worked for weeks, possibly months, to pull together persuasive evidence demonstrating why you qualify for SSI or SSDI benefits in Bellevue.

Then it will probably be frustrating to find out that many authorities on the claims process suggest you have your primary treating physician fill out another form—one that isn’t even a required part of your application—especially since many doctors require a fee for this service. Can’t the judges and administrators deciding your case just look at your medical records and understand how your disability would keep you from working?

Unfortunately, for most individuals applying for disability benefits, the answer is no.

Even for individuals dealing with clear-cut cases of severe disability, there can be problems convincing the SSA of eligibility. That’s because the decision makers on your claim aren’t trained medical professionals. While they deal with healthcare issues every day, they don’t have professional medical training—or the direct insight of a doctor who has personally examined you.

Effective Documentation From Your Treating Physician

A medical source statement, or a Residual Functional Capacity form completed by your doctor, will serve as a kind of decoder ring for your medical records. The document will essentially walk the examiner or ALJ step-by-step through your medical history and clearly explain why your limitations make employment an undue hardship.

It’s such a helpful document that the SSA is required by law to give RFC forms from the applicant’s physician significant weight in the determination process.

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