zero percent VA ratingA zero percent rating is also known as a non-compensable VA disability rating. To be eligible for financial compensation, your service-connected injury or illness must be rated at least 10 percent. However, with a zero percent rating the VA at least acknowledges that you have a service-connected disability. It just isn’t severe enough at the present time to qualify for monthly cash benefits.

Even though a zero percent VA disability rating doesn’t come with a monthly benefits check, it does come with other benefits. If your household income is below certain limits set by the VA, you have access to free medical treatment, free prescription medications for your condition, and reimbursement for travel costs to a VA medical facility. Regardless of income, if you have a zero percent disability rating you can use online or in-person commissaries, exchanges, and morale, welfare and recreation facilities. You will be given a 10 point Veterans preference if you apply for federal employment and you can apply for life insurance through the Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance Program.

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