Lyme disease starts with a fairly minor injury—the bite of deer tick. The result is anything but minor—a serious bacterial infection which can lead to shooting pains, encephalitis, heart problems, short term memory loss, and other debilitating conditions. If you are afflicted by Lyme disease, you know the battle to get well is long and difficult. And if are unable to work because of the disease, the battle for Social Security disability benefits can be long and difficult, as well.

Many of those afflicted with Lyme disease and suffering through the disease’s debilitating symptoms are barely able to cope with the activities of daily life like working. If Lyme disease is preventing you from being able to hold a job, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

Lyme DiseaseThere are two basic paths to qualifying for disability benefits. The first is to match the medical criteria in the “Blue Book,” the Social Security Administration’s list of disabling conditions. If your symptoms match the requirements in the listings, you will likely qualify for disability payments. While there is not a Blue Book listing specifically for Lyme disease you may still qualify for benefits if you can match the criteria in a listing for symptoms associated with the disease like heart damage, mobility limitations, anxiety, or severe arthritis. 

Very few people who apply for Social Security disability benefits meet the strict requirements of the Blue Book listings, but there is a second way to qualify—by proving that you are unable to perform any work due to a condition, or conditions, caused by Lyme disease given your age, education, and past work experience.

How Can Cuddigan Law Help You?

If you are unable to work because of Lyme disease, contact Cuddigan Law today for a free evaluation of your situation. The road to winning Social Security disability benefits is long and tricky to navigate. Lyme disease cases can be particularly difficult to win, but at Cuddigan Law we have successfully fought for our clients and won many of these cases. Statistics from the Government Accounting Office show that you are three times more likely to get the benefits you have rightfully earned if you are represented by an experienced disability attorney. 

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