Margaret from Omaha is in her 50s. She always worked production but due to nerve damage to her feet should could not work anymore because it was painful for her to stand for more than a few minutes. Margaret filed for Social Security disability online but never heard back from the Social Security Administration. She felt betrayed because she had paid into the system for many years but was being denied the benefits she had rightfully earned.

Her doctor referred her to Cuddigan Law. Margaret says she had a wonderful experience at Cuddigan Law. "Everyone cared," she says. "They explained everything to me. They worked their buns off with all the paperwork." When Margaret got her day in court she was ready. Her Cuddigan Law team made sure she was fully prepared and knew what to expect.

When Margaret won her case she was relieved. "It's taken a load off my shoulders," she says with a smile.

Timothy J. Cuddigan (Founder - Retired)
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