As most disabled veterans know, the higher their VA disability rating the more they will qualify for in monthly benefit compensation. However, the 30 percent level is an important benchmark and can mean more than just a small increase in benefits.

Why? Because at the 30 percent or higher rating the VA will factor your dependents into your benefits calculations. If you are at the 10 or 20 percent rating you will receive the base amount of benefits for those levels. Even if you have a wife and 5 kids you will get the same benefits check as a single veteran with no children who has the same rating. However, once you are at the 30 percent or higher disability rating, your benefits will increase based on the number of dependents you have.

The VA very often rates disabilities too low.  You can file a claim to ask the VA to reconsider your disability rating, even if your original rating decision was from a long time ago.

If your original rating is correct, you may be eligible for an increased rating due to a secondary disability. All too often, veterans applying for disability benefits overlook secondary disabilities and miss out on much-needed benefits they are entitled to. You’re eligible for secondary disability benefits if your illness or injury has caused another different or separate condition. For example, a secondary disability might be depression caused by the loss of a leg in combat. Or suppose a Vietnam veteran is eligible for VA disability benefits because they have diabetes from Agent Orange exposure. Any medical condition that is caused by diabetes is now considered a secondary service-connected impairment.

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At Cuddigan Law, we examine each case individually, develop the best strategy, and work with you to submit your claim or file an appeal if it’s been denied. Contact us for a free evaluation of your situation. There’s no easy formula for addressing veterans’ claims, especially for ratings increases and winning benefits for secondary disabilities. Because filing for disability can be complicated and often frustrating, it’s important to hire an experienced VA disability attorney to help with your claim. 

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