A heart condition, even if it is not immediately life-threatening, can still be disabling and eligible for Social Security disability benefits.   Social Security has what is known as “Listings” for certain heart conditions.  A “listing” is a specific diagnosis, and if you meet all of the requirements in the diagnosis, Social Security will automatically consider you disabled, assuming you meet all of the non-medical requirements.

  These listings are very strict, and very technical.  Most people with a heart condition will not meet all of these requirements.  Even if you don’t meet the technical requirements, it doesn’t mean you lose.  Social security will also consider your symptoms to determine whether you are disabled. 

If you suffer from heart problems you may be experiencing shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chest pains or nausea.  Or perhaps you easily get fatigued, become dizzy, or are weak after exerting yourself or have a general lack of energy because of your heart issues.  Without a doubt these symptoms can make it difficult to work and hold a job for eight hours a day, five days a week.   But to quality for disability benefits you have to prove your case to Social Security and we can help you do that.

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