Vertigo is a disorder of the inner ear that is caused by an infection, disease, or injury. A balance disorder, vertigo, has very specific symptoms—like dizziness that creates a sensation of the world spinning around you. Vertigo symptoms can be short-lived or they can last hours or days and may be accompanied headaches, double-vision, nausea, and a racing heartbeat.

Vertigo can be caused by Meniere’s disease or a perforated eardrum. In addition to vertigo, Meniere’s disease is often accompanied by ringing in the ear and hearing loss that comes and goes. In many cases, Meniere’s only affects one ear. You can be awarded VA disability benefits for Meniere’s as its own condition, but it can be tricky to diagnose. A perforated eardrum usually heals within a couple of weeks, but sometimes surgery is required to patch up the eardrum.

If you suffer from vertigo you may eligible for VA disability benefits, but to qualify you need to show that your disabling condition is connected to your military service. This is called “direct service connection.” You have this connection if an event that took place during your service caused the injury or illness you suffer from now.

If you served in an M-O-S that put you in combat situations, or firing weapons, or even near loud engines or machinery during active duty, you may qualify for disability due to an ear problem. If as a result, you suffer from vertigo, meniere’s disease, a perforated eardrum, or recurrent tinnitus you may qualify for benefits even many years after your military service. Ear issues may also be the result of other service-connected illnesses or injuries. Check with your doctor for a medical opinion, you may have the basis for an increase in your disability rating.

Navigating the path to VA benefits can be difficult. The VA accredited attorneys at Cuddigan Law can help you gather the necessary evidence, get the proper diagnosis, establish the critically important service-connections, and present the strongest possible case to the VA. Call us for a free evaluation of your situation.



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