Foot problems can cause debilitating discomfort and pain. Research shows us that veterans are much more likely to suffer from certain foot conditions including flat feet, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, hammer toe, and others. If you are a veteran who is dealing with any problems with your feet, you may be eligible for VA disability benefits. But to qualify you need to show that your disabling condition is connected to your military service. This is called “direct service connection.” You have this connection if an event or events that took place during your service caused the injury or illness you suffer from now.

When you apply for benefits it is likely that the VA will order a Compensation and Pension Exam—commonly known by the acronym C and P exam—to determine the severity of your foot condition and if it  was caused by your military service. After the exam, the VA examiner will issue an opinion about your case.  It is important that you ask for a copy of the C&P exam. The VA is only required to give you a copy when you ask for it.

If you disagree with the conclusions of the C and P examiner, you can submit medical evidence from your private physician. Additionally, the use of an assistive device such as a walker or a cane can be presented as evidence of your foot problems. You can also submit statements by family and others around you who have observed the pain and difficulties associated with your condition—like limping or an inability to stand for more than a few minutes.

Perhaps the greatest difficulty in successfully proving a VA disability case for foot issues is establishing that your problems were caused by your time in service. At first glance it may seem daunting to prove that link between flat feet or another foot condition and your time in the military. But look for a paper trail which might include things like in-service medical records for foot treatments or even requests for different boots to be issued, or requests for insoles.

Applications for VA disability benefits for flat feet and other foot problems are often denied. However, you can win if you have a properly developed and supported case. If you are considering a VA disability claim or if you claim has been denied, the VA accredited attorneys at Cuddigan Law can help. Call us at for a free evaluation of your case. We’re here to fight for your rights and we’re only a phone call away.

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