What should you do now if your Social Security disability claim been denied?

First, you should always appeal a denial. Most disability claims that are denied are not appealed, even though many claims are approved after an appeal and hearing.

But it is critical that you appeal within the time allowed by the Social Security Administration. In most situations you have only 60 days from the time you receive notice of denial of your initial claim or your reconsideration

Don’t give up! Delaying your appeal and being forced to file a new application is generally a waste of your time because you will be forced to go through the whole time-consuming process again. Your chances are much better with appealing the denial of the original claim.

Consider hiring an attorney to represent you in the appeals process. Statistics show that if you are represented you are more likely to win your benefits case. Chose a lawyer who focuses exclusively on Social Security disability benefits.

So the bottom line is: if your disability claim is denied, contact the Social Security office as quickly as possible, or contact a lawyer to file an appeal. The sooner you appeal, the sooner Social Security will schedule a hearing, which gives you the best opportunity to explain your work limitations.

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