The most common reason that Social Security disability claims are denied is because there is insufficient medical evidence of a disability and inadequate proof of how that condition restricts a person’s ability to work. So in most cases, you should tell your doctor that you are filing for disability and ask them to write a report on your medical condition.

We recommend that you start the conversation with your doctor even before you submit a disability claim. This way, they can document your symptoms and limitations that you report, as well as things that they observe and recommend.

At Cuddigan Law, we can draft the written doctor report request with topics and questions for the doctor to respond to. However, you still need to be an active participant in the reporting process. Offer your input for them to consider. Without your contributions, your doctor will simply review your medical records, develop an opinion about your limitations, and send off a letter which may or may not align with what you have submitted to Social Security. Because doctors have busy schedules, you should write down all your medical problems and then alongside each one write down the ways each condition limits your ability to function in everyday life. Make sure that the limitations you share with your doctor line up with what you write down on your disability application. Social Security will find your rationale for benefits more persuasive if you and your doctor are on the same page.

Most doctors are empathetic and are willing to help their patients who are applying for disability benefits. However, occasionally we have had clients who have run into doctors who—for many reasons—were resistive about writing a medical report. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything to force them to write a letter about your disability case.

At Cuddigan Law we are there for our clients throughout the entire disability process. We can order your medical records for you, help you fill out the forms Social Security will send you, request a letter from your doctor and represent you in your hearing. We will fight to help you get the benefits you have rightfully earned. To get started, call us for a free evaluation of your case.




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