It’s a fact, most Social Security applications are denied the first time around. One of the best ways to reduce the chance of a denial is to have your medical condition well documented. If you suffer from C-O-P-D, asthma or another respiratory disease that prevents you from being able to work, ask your health care provider about laboratory tests that can help prove the extent of your disability.

Here are some of the tests available to people with severe respiratory issues:

The Pulmonary Function Test measures your lung capacity, strength, and breathing ability under normal conditions and after you use your regular inhaled treatments. Nearly all patients with a severe form of asthma have had to undergo a pulmonary function test at one time or another.

Another type of test is the Arterial Blood Gas Test. This is a way of measuring the acidity of your blood, as well as your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. It gives a reading of how well your lungs can transmit oxygen and remove carbon dioxide as blood passes through them. In an A-B-G test, blood is drawn from an artery, allowing oxygen and carbon dioxide levels to be measured before they are absorbed into the body tissues. A-B-G tests may be performed at rest, standing, walking, or during heavy exercise.

In cases where extreme exertion triggers an attack or worsens a breathing condition, patients may submit to a controlled exercise test. This measures lost lung capacity during increased activity that might not be evident at rest … such as in cases of chronic pulmonary disease.

If you have C-O-P-D, asthma or another respiratory condition, let your doctor know that you are applying for Social Security disability and ask about whether or not one of these tests would be helpful for your treatment and your disability application. Social Security listings for pulmonary disorders are difficult to meet but individuals who don’t meet the listing level of severity may still qualify on the basis of their limitations. Ask your doctor if your breathing problems limit your ability to perform your past work or limits your ability to walk for long periods or distances. Finally, if you are smoking stop!

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