We often get asked if there is anything we can do to speed up the settlement of a disability case. Generally, there is nothing we can do that will speed up your case unless you are facing  a critical situation.  Social Security defines a critical situation as lack of shelter, lack of utilities, or other factors.  More specifically, you need to provide proof to Social Security that you have received an eviction notice, foreclosure notice, or utility disconnection notice before they will speed up your case.  However, Social Security will require that you prove to them that you have exhausted all avenues of private and public assistance to avoid your critical situation before considering this.  Because of the backlog in the system, speeding your case up can still mean that you need to wait months for a final hearing on your case.  It does not help to speed your case up if you do not have sufficient medical evidence to support your claim.  We realize this is unfortunate but these are the rules we have to work with.

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