Some people get approved for disability on their first application and begin to receive benefits within just a few months after applying.  Many others get denied at first, and need to present their case in to judge to receive their benefits.  For those individuals who need to have a hearing, the process can take much longer than those who are approved right off the bat.  When your case is approved will determine when you receive benefits. 

The first step in the disability process is the initial application.  At this step,

Social Security will look through your medical records as well as the forms you filled out to determine if you are disabled.  This generally takes about 3 months. 

If you are denied at the initial application, the next step is to apply for reconsideration.  Social security will look through your records again along with any other information you provide.  This generally takes another two to three months before the make a determination. 

If you are denied again at reconsideration you can ask for a hearing.  Unfortunately it can take several months to get in front of a judge.  Right now in Nebraska, it can take about 12 months or more from the time you request a hearing to the time you get in front of a judge.  However, the hearing really is your best shot at receiving benefits.  Statistically, the majority of cases that go in front of a judge are awarded benefits.  You can further improve your chances at receiving benefits at your hearing by working with an experienced, knowledgeable attorney who can help develop and thoroughly prepare your case.   

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