Many people misunderstand the nature of depression. It is not simply feeling "out of it" for a few days. Rather, depression is a profound sadness that reaches into every aspect of a person's life. Depression can lead to the loss of energy, weight loss and problems with sleep. In the worst cases, depression can lead to thoughts of suicide.

Does this describe you or someone you care about?  If you have severe depression and it interferes with your ability to keep a job, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.  But to qualify for benefits, it is not enough just to say you are depressed. You have to prove your case to Social Security and back it up with credible medical proof. 

When Social Security evaluates a disability claim involving depression they look at your treatment, medications and the effect that your illness has had on your ability to work. A standard reply that Social Security often gives is that despite your illness you can do simple unskilled work. But even the simplest job requires you to show up for work, to be on time and stay on task to complete the job. If you have depression, you may even have trouble with these requirements.

It is a fact, more than two-thirds of those who apply for Social Security disability are denied after their initial applications. Many just give up after being denied.  But don’t be one of those who gives up. You have the right to appeal a denial and statistics show that your chances for approval increase if you have a qualified representative to fight for you.

If you suffer from depression that is preventing you from working, contact Cuddigan Law and we will give you a free evaluation of your case with no obligations and no strings attached. If you have depression or another qualifying mental disorder, you will need to provide extensive documentation of this fact and if you choose us to be your advocate we will gather your medical records and contact your doctor for their opinion about your disability.


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