You may not recall meeting with me in June, 2013 and filing an application with the Social Security Administration on my behalf. Through the scope of your legal practice you encounter many people. Remembering all of those faces would seem to present quite a challenge. Please accept the enclosed check as a token of my appreciation and as payment for an office consultation prior to my filing for benefits. As you are probably aware, I received a favorable decision a few days ago. The time you expended in reviewing my medical records and answering my questions was very helpful. Should I receive a statement from your office for any fees and/or expenses incurred related to the Social Security filing, such will be promptly remitted."


Note: Cuddigan Law returned this check to the client. The Social Security Administration does not allow a representative to collect a fee unless it is authorized by Social Security. At Cuddigan Law, we only get paid an attorney fee if you receive a lump sum of past due benefits. Because this client won her case so soon following her last date of work, there was no lump sum of past due benefits.