The Road Map to a 100% VA Disability Rating - What Veterans Need to Know About TDIU

What is Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability?

TDIU is part of the VA’s disability compensation program. If your disabilities prevent you from being able to get and keep a job, TDIU allows you to have your disability rating raised to 100% even though the rating on your service-connected disabilities do not equal 100%. TDIU is the VA’s way of acknowledging that some veterans with disability ratings below 100% are unable to work due to their impairments.

How to Qualify for TDIU?

In the first step for qualifying for TDIU you must meet one of two key conditions. You must have at least one serviceconnected disability rated at least 60%. Or, alternatively, you must have at least two or more disabilities with a combined rating of 70% or more and one them has to be rated at 40% or more.

Then you must show you are unable to maintain substantial gainful employment as a result of your disabilities. (If you do not meet the requirements outlined above, but you are still unable to secure and maintain substantially gainful employment due to your service-connected conditions you may qualify for ExtraSchedular TDIU

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Here are some general guidelines to be eligible for this rating:

  • You must be honorably discharged from the military
  • You must have performed active duty
  • The military service must have caused or worsened a physical or mental condition
  • Your service must have been in the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, Coast Guard, or Reservists

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Developing Evidence for Your TDIU Claim

To show you’re eligible for TDIU and to receive a 100% disability rating, there’s certain evidence you need to provide to the VA. Once you’ve filled out the unemployability form VA form 21-8940 (your claim usually won’t be even processed without it), you need to gather important evidence for your claim. (Because TDIU claims are often initially denied by the Department of Veterans Affairs, it’s helpful to hire an experienced VA disability attorney to assist you with your application.) 

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