Posted on Sep 10, 2013

“We don’t get out and do a lot of things anymore—because we can’t,” said Jackie Goldsmith of Lincoln, Nebraska, at this year’s annual Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp. “We kind of had to be talked into it… Now we look forward to it every year. We meet some of the same people and meet some new people. We laugh a lot. It’s good medicine for you.”

The annual weekend retreat took place this year at Carol Joy Holling Conference and Retreat Center in Ashland, and included 40 participants:  10 stroke survivors and their caregivers, 15 volunteers, and five camp staffers. The high ratio of volunteers ensures that caregivers can relax and enjoy spending time with survivors instead of managing day-to-day care concerns.

At the retreat, attendees can enjoy massages and spa-style pampering along with games, entertainment and outdoor activities like hiking and swimming. In addition to more traditional fare like campfire songs and stories, camp offers unique resources to survivors and caregivers, such as informal chats with experts and educational sessions – crucial for a life situation that can often lead to feelings of isolation.

“Just to see the people and be able to enjoy normalcy and have fun with the survivors is wonderful,” said Kathy Doak, a caregiver attending this year’s retreat.

To learn more, see the Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp website.

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