Posted on Jan 05, 2014

A young Omaha man, Cody Thornley, was the recipient of holiday generosity provided by World-Herald’s Goodfellows. Thornley is just 19 years old. He applied for Social Security benefits in early 2013, but was denied because his disability was not long-term. He currently lives at home with his mother Oksana Kling and her husband Albert Kling. Ms. Kling also struggles with disability, suffering from severe arthritis in all of her joints. She also blew out her knee last summer.

Thornley underwent a surgery in May of 2013 to remove a cyst from his lower back. Unfortunately, the surgery resulted in a very difficult recovery, requiring an in-home nurse for four months. Ms. Kling indicates that Thornley may be in need of an in-home nurse again in the near future.

As a result of their disabilities, Ms. Kling has struggled to be able to pay her bills this holiday season. Goodfellows has stepped in in order to provide one-time emergency aid to the family. It is also providing holiday meal certificates to people in need in the Omaha area. The organization paid Ms. Kling’s electric bill, which had reached $500.

Like her son, Ms. Kling has been denied benefits. She needs knee surgery in order to return to work full time; however, the surgery has been denied by Medicaid. She is currently pursuing an appeal.

Similarly, Thornley is appealing his denial of Social Security benefits. He is need of an additional lower-back surgery, but his family does not have the ability to pay for it privately. Ms. Kling expressed great appreciation for the aid provided by Goodfellows.

The attorneys at Cuddigan Law, P.C., L.L.O., express hope that those struggling to obtain disability benefits this holiday season are able to gain the help they need. To learn more about applying for Social Security disability benefits in Omaha, follow us on Facebook.

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