Posted on May 04, 2014

In a recent  forum, Nebraska Republican senate hopefuls were asked their views on a number issues related to Social Security and Medicare. The demographics of the baby boomers getting older and not enough younger workers to replace them make the topic an important policy issue. According to the Trustees of the Social Security Advisory board changes need to be made to the current financing and legislative changes are necessary to prevent disruption of payments to future beneficiaries. The candidates  agreed on two issues, that benefits should not cut for those nearing retirement age and that the cap should not be removed on payroll taxes. Bart McLeay, Ben Sasse, Shane Osborn and Sid Dinsdale all got to air their views on how to fix Social Security

  • Sasse, Osborn, and Dinsdale were in favor of raising the eligibility age for current Social Security and Medicare programs.
  • Sasse and Dinsdale were in favor of adding means-testing for these programs.
  • Dinsdale was in favor of reducing benefits.
  • McLeay, Sasse and Osborn were in favor of adopting the changes to Medicare proposed Representative Ryan.
  • Osborn and Dinsdale would reduce the annual increase in Social Security benefits.
  • McLeay, Sasse and Osborn would privatize Social Security

All four candidates want to repeal the Affordable Care Act.The  Omaha World Herald provided a service to voters by providing  each candidate's views on one of most important topics in our society.


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