Posted on Nov 16, 2013

Often, individuals with a developmental disability, congenital defect, or other disease that impairs the development of essential life skills will need training and specialized treatment in order to successfully perform those tasks most of us do without thinking—things like walking, communicating, even brushing our teeth.


Habilitative services provide people with this class of disability an opportunity to realize their capacity for independence. Don’t think the need for this type of therapy concludes at age 18, either—there are many adults who could tremendously benefit from this type of care. However, many individuals who could see a better quality of life through habilitative services can’t afford them; many providers offer extremely limited coverage, if any, costing families thousands of dollars out of pocket.


The Affordable Care Act lists habilitative services as one of ten “essential benefits” that must be provided by any insurance plan presently being sold on the state and federal exchanges. Next year, individual and small group health policies will also be required to cover the benefit.


Unfortunately, problems with the ACA website are currently making it difficult for people who need the offering to identify providers. “How this all plays out very much remains to be seen,” said Daniel Brown of the American Occupational Therapy Association.


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