Posted on Sep 05, 2013

Friday, August 14th marked the 78th anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signing of the legislation that created the Social Security Administration. In honor of the occasion, AARP Executive Vice President Nancy Leamond wrote to the president, asking him to make an official appointment to the agency’s primary leadership role.

Michael J. Astrue served as the administration’s commissioner for six years, until his appointment ended this February. Carolyn Colvin, previously appointed to the role of Deputy Commissioner in 2010, has acted as interim commissioner for six months. Though Colvin has received praise for her leadership in the role, her authority is fundamentally limited.

In her letter, Leamond writes, “Social Security… has provided a lifeline to millions of Americans who, through sickness or injury, became disabled and could no longer work to support themselves or their families.”

Leamond emphasizes that long-term leadership is crucial for the SSA at this point in time, as the agency is currently facing several challenges, including the disability hearings and processing backlog, severe budget cuts, technological upgrades, and improvements to customer service training.

Leamond concludes her letter by asking the President to make the nomination a “high priority” for the administration. Today, 57 million Americans receive financial benefits from the SSA disability and retirement programs.

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