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There are very few injuries or conditions that are as painful as an injury to your spine, neck or back. A serious spine injury can make your every waking moment painful. Spinal injuries can be especially damaging to people who perform physical labor. If you cannot return to the workforce because of a spinal injury, you may be entitled to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Disability attorneys Tim and Sean Cuddigan have helped thousands of people in Omaha, Lincoln,and Council Bluffs, Iowa receive the benefits they earned.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will look for specific evidence that your back or neck condition prevents you from working. For instance, the SSA will want to know:

  • How long you can sit or stand without pain
  • How any medicine you take for pain will interfere with your ability to work
  • Whether you need to change positions or walk to relieve your pain
  • Whether you can rotate your neck or bend your back
  • Whether you can hold your neck still for periods of time
  • Whether you are able to lift objects without pain or further damage to your spine

When discussing your condition with your doctor, it is important to be candid and specific about what you can and cannot do. It is also important to follow your doctor's instructions as closely as possible. Taking these steps will strengthen your claim for benefits. Our law firm will carefully document the extent of your injuries and help give you the best chance to recover the benefits you need.

Physical Problems Can Lead to Serious Mental Conditions

It is unfortunate but true that constant back, neck or spinal pain can lead to other serious problems such as depression or anxiety. Together, physical and mental disorders can make it impossible to perform any kind of work. If you are being treated by a doctor for depression or similar problems, it is important to show the SSA how these conditions affect your ability to work.

Lincoln Spine Back and Neck Disorders Lawyers Tim and Sean Cuddigan

The Lincoln Social Security disability lawyers have helped many clients successfully navigate the  SSDI claims process. Learn how our experienced disability attorneys can help you by requesting a copy of Why You Should Hire and Attorney  to handle Your Social Security Disability Case. If a spinal injury or back disorder is making it impossible for you to work, call us for a free evaluation at ((402) 933-5405 or email us at [email protected] . We meet with clients by appointment at 3800 Normal Boulevard, Ste 201, Lincoln, Ne 68506.

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