Helpful Hints When Dealing With an Application for Social Security Benefits

An overwhelming majority of initial Social Security Disability applications are denied by the Social Security Administration. This can be frustrating and disheartening, especially for individuals who are in real need of the benefits to which they are entitled. Before applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), it is important to have all of the essential information gathered in order to ensure your application is as thorough as possible, increasing its chances of approval. Contact our disability lawyers in Omaha for answers to your questions.

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Below are some important actions to take when beginning to construct a Social Security Disability claim:

  • See a doctor to have your condition evaluated and documented
  • Be completely honest with the doctor and explain all symptoms to ensure he or she can make an accurate diagnosis
  • See your doctor on a regular basis
  • Strictly follow your doctor's orders
  • Keep thorough notes and organized records
  • Let your attorney know if there has been a change in treatment or you go to the hospital
  • File an appeal within 60 days if your initial application or reconsideration is denied

Be Patient

The entire process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits and appealing any unfavorable decisions can take a great deal of time. The backlogs at Social Security are awful. If you are faced with foreclosure or eviction, be sure to let your lawyer know immediately. We work as quickly as possible within the bounds of the system to see that your case is handled to the fullest extent of the law.

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