Age 50 and Older SSDI Claims

It's not easy for workers over 50 to transition into other fields of employment, and the Social Security Administration understands this fact. Special eligibility rules therefore apply to individuals 50 years old or older. These rules are helpful to applicants, but the process of winning approval for Social Security benefits is still a difficult one. Hiring an experienced disability lawyer gives you the best chance to obtain  the benefits you need. Tim and Sean Cuddigan have helped thousands of people in our region, prepare accurate, persuasive applications for benefits.

Social Security Rules for Workers Over 50

There are many people between the ages of 50 to 54 who are now limited to doing sedentary work, and have never did sedentary work in the past. Sedentary work is work performed in the seated position primarily with no lifting greater than 10 pounds. There are some exceptions to these rules with regard to jobs that have transferable skills however generally these rules favor older workers in the disability process. If this describes you, and you no longer can perform your past work because of a medical condition then this is something to consider, if you decide to apply for disability benefits.

Social Security Rules for Workers Over 55

Social Security rules are even more favorable if you are 55 or older. If you are in that category and never held light or sedentary work positions in the past, you may now be eligible for disability benefits. The definition of light work is that it may involve standing, but the lifting component is limited to 20 pounds for up to one-third of the work day. Again there are some exceptions for workers whose transferable skills would transfer to light or sedentary jobs. While these guidelines favor older workers, the rules regarding transferability of skills require the ability to cross examine vocational experts, an area where we have experience and training.

Our team of lawyers will gather reports from doctors' reports and other documentation to describe your limitations. Our case managers and legal team will personal attention and expertise. We can step in at any stage in your benefits application and assist you. If your claim has been initially denied, don't give up! Attorneys Tim and Sean Cuddigan have argued for clients before many administrative law judges and in federal courts. We know from experience that if you persist, and you have skilled legal assistance, you will probably win.

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