It's not easy living with multiple sclerosis (MS). Some days, you feel fine; other days, you're unable to walk, unable to see, and even unable to think clearly. The worst part is that often, you get no warning before these symptoms occur, which is just one reason why it can be difficult to get social security disability payments for MS.

Multiple Sclerosis Episodes May Qualify You for SS Disability

To get social security disability payments for MS, you have to document your symptoms and how they limit your ability to perform daily activities. Here are a few common MS symptoms and how you can provide proper evidence to the Social Security Administration (SSA):

  • Social Security Disability Payments for MSDifficulty walking. MS affects a person's motor functions, making it difficult (or impossible) to walk, run, stand, or go to the bathroom independently. You should provide evidence of all episodes that have caused you to lose motor function, what difficulties you encountered, and how limited you were by the episode. This may include information about when someone had to assist you in doing something you could normally do on your own.
  • Sensory abnormalities. Patients with MS may suffer sensory loss, particularly a decrease in visual acuity. You should document changes such as an increase in your eyeglass prescription or that you have been unable to read or drive during MS episodes that affect your vision.
  • Fatigue. In many cases, MS causes patients to suffer extreme fatigue. You can get benefits based on fatigue alone as long as you have a doctor's report confirming a diagnosis of MS and your doctor's description of characteristic fatigue symptoms.

MS is not curable, and the symptoms commonly worsen as time goes on. While you may attempt to keep working now, stress will often aggravate the condition, causing mental deficiency and permanent loss of function. If you want to apply for Social Security (SS) disability benefits, first read through our guide, 5 Deadly Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Social Security Disability Case, or click the contact link on this page.

Contact Cuddigan Law for Help Getting Social Security Disability Payments for MS

If you've been diagnosed with MS, you still need to prove that this disease affects your ability to work. Many people who are unable to work are denied SS benefits because they haven't provided adequate documentation about their disability. Obtaining legal representation from a skilled and experienced Social Security Disability attorney is your best chance at getting social security disability payments for MS.

Contact Cuddigan Law to get help filing your claim. Our disability attorneys can explain the best way to document your condition, and we'll file your application in our office. If you've been denied SS disability benefits for MS, don't give up. You have sixty days to appeal, and we can show you how. If you're seeking help with your disability claim, contact Cuddigan Law to speak with an intake specialist for free.

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