Intake specialist speaking with a Social Security disability client

If you need help with your Social Security (SS) disability claim, you’re likely to contact an attorney. When you call Cuddigan Law, you’ll speak directly with an intake specialist for free. It’s important to understand what this phone meeting is designed for, what to expect, and what not to expect. 

Your Free Evaluation With an Intake Specialist

SS disability lawyers offer prospective clients a free evaluation to accomplish a variety of goals. Here is some important information about this interview:

  • You will talk with an intake specialist from the firm for up to 30 minutes gathering important information about your situation. You may be asked about your demographic, work, and medical treatment history. The intake specialist records this information in order to help the firm analyze your potential case.
  • If the intake specialist believes you have a good case, a new client appointment will be scheduled for you. If the intake specialist is uncertain as to whether your case has a good chance of being approved, they will forward your information to the attorneys for further review. While our attorneys accept many of the cases they review, it’s possible your case could be turned down by the firm if our attorneys don’t think they can help.

Ask Questions

During your free interview with the intake specialist, you have the opportunity to ask questions about the firm. Here are some questions you might consider asking during your conversation:

  • Have you ever handled a case like mine? Your medical condition or health situation might be very common, or it might be unique and unusual. If your situation is  not ordinary, it’s helpful to know if your attorney understands the medical paperwork, reports, and documentation necessary for this type of claim.
  • Do you practice law in other areas? This question is sometimes overlooked by clients looking for an attorney. While it’s not critical that an SS disability attorney only practices disability law, if they practice in a lot of other areas, it may mean they have less experience in this field.
  • Are your attorneys trained in disability law and licensed? You should avoid hiring a non-attorney advocate or a general practitioner for your disability case because disability law and SS regulations are complex, and sometimes disability cases must be handled in federal court.  
  • Are your attorneys local?  You should be able to meet with them before the day of the hearing? The first face to face meeting that occurs with many national firms and their clients is in the waiting room at the hearing office. Your case is too important to wait until the last minute to prepare for the hearing.
  • How often would I communicate with the attorneys should they decide to take my case? Because it can take sixteen to twenty months for an administrative law judge to hear your case if it was denied at the reconsideration level, it’s important to know that your attorney's staff will contact you on a consistent basis to obtain updates on your condition and discuss your claim. You will have a pre hearing meeting in the office about month before the hearing.

Contact Cuddigan Law

If you need help with a disability claim, it’s important to seek legal representation from a disability lawyer. The skilled attorneys at Cuddigan Law have been successfully representing clients for years. They are committed, compassionate advocates for your legal rights, and they want to understand your individual situation. You can expect the highest level of expertise from Cuddigan Law. Let our experienced lawyers go to work for you. Contact us to speak with an intake specialist for free.  

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