podcastsPodcasts have rapidly become one of the most popular ways to get information. Many podcast listeners are driven by the convenience of the medium—you can listen whenever it fits into your day—while you exercise, do household chores or just while you are relaxing. The podcast industry is booming. Exactly how many podcasts are out there is a moving target, but Podcast Index estimates that there are now 4.2 million podcasts!  Among them are a wide selection of disability podcasts that are great for all people, not just those with disabilities which feature real people discussing real-life matters. Here are five that we think are worth a listen:

Everything You Know About Disability is Wrong https://www.easterseals.com/news-and-stories/podcasts/everything-you-know-about-disability-is-wrong/

Easter Seals, the organization behind this offering says that it is “a podcast for the disability community by the disability community, hosted by two disabled women. But if you're not disabled, listen in to learn about real issues, celebrations, and conversations disabled people are having in their communities.”


The Accessible Stall https://www.theaccessiblestall.com/

The Accessible Stall’s website describes this program as “a disability podcast that keeps it real about issues within the disability community. Because we [the two hosts] each have different disabilities and mobility levels, we approach everything we talk about with two unique viewpoints, offering our listeners a fresh insight into how differences in disability can color your experiences and perspectives. And we never shy away from offering our honest opinion. Even if they go against the grain of the disability community at large, we always speak our minds.”


Barrier Free Futures https://barrierfreefutures.libsyn.com/

Produced by KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio, Barrier Free Futures features interviews with disabled people and disability activists about current disability issues and experiences.


Down to the Struts  https://www.downtothestruts.com/episodes

“Down to the Struts is a podcast about disability, design, and intersectionality, where we uncover the building blocks for a more accessible, inclusive, and equitable world for all disabled people,” according to their website. “Our host, Qudsiya Naqui, brings together activists, scholars, artists, athletes, and many others to share their wisdom about how we can reimagine policies, practices, and the built environment to center disabled bodies and the intersectional identities they hold. "


Included: The Disability Equity Podcast https://included.libsyn.com/

From Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center, this podcast features interviews and discussions aimed at fighting stereotypes and understanding trends and issues in the disability community.


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