Reconnect with Other VeteransBuddy Finder, a new online tool on, can help Veterans find and reconnect with those they served with. The free service already has more than 2.3 million members from five separate service branches.

Once registered, you will be presented with the complete list of names with direct links to their service profiles ready to make contact. By entering other units and timeframes on their service profile, people who also served in those units will be presented as well.

To find an old friend you served with, using the Buddy Finder, all you need to do is select their service branch and then a keyword and/or number contained in the unit’s name. A list of all unit possibilities containing that keyword or number is then presented and a selection can be made. Then by entering the timeframe served in that unit,’s search engine quickly looks up all other TWS members who served in that unit at the same time and delivers the total number of possibilities. is a free service that is entirely member-supported. Veterans are encouraged (but not required) to support the website by becoming a Full Member with additional benefits for $12.47 for 12 months.

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