Absolutely not.

The Social Security Administration finalized its decision to strike the term ‘mental retardation’ from their Listing of Impairments earlier this summer. Starting September 1st, all references to the term will be replaced with the updated term ‘intellectual disability.’

Our culture has seen an important shift the last several years that have left many individuals feeling that the old verbiage is offensive. The negative connotations carried by the ‘mental retardation’ verbiage also foster misunderstandings about the realities of the condition and the hardship it creates.

Social Security will not change any aspect of how the claims for an individual with disabilities of this nature qualify for disability benefits.

There will be no alterations made to:

  • The establishing standards,
  • Availability of benefits, or
  • The way claims are processed.

Only the language used to describe the condition has been updated. Intellectual disability will be handled in the same way that mental retardation was, before the change.

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