In many cases, the administrative law judge determining disability appeals won’t put a lot of weight into an affidavit letter written by a friend or family member. Not only are friends and family believed to have bias, often the letters aren’t written in a persuasive way.

However, our Fremont disability law firm has seen cases where an affidavit letter played a significant role in deciding an individual’s claim. Done correctly, letters can be an extremely powerful tool

So whom should you ask to write an affidavit letter? Ideally, it should be someone:

  • Who lives with you or sees you several times a week.
  • Who has known you for a few years.
  • Who you rely on for assistance in daily tasks such as cooking, shopping, or doing household chores.
  • Who can be counted on to complete the letter in time for your hearing.
  • Who you believe will be able to write an objective, focused letter with concrete examples of the problems your limitations and symptoms create for you on a daily basis.

If you have questions about affidavit letters, or any part of the disability claim process, speak with a Fremont disability lawyer today. Contact Cuddigan Law at 402-933-5405 or [email protected] for an evaluation at no charge. Also, ask how you can receive a free copy of our report: Give Yourself the Best Chance of Winning Your Social Security Disability Case.

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