Omaha Disability Attorney Tim Cuddigan explains that eligibility for Medicare is two years after the month of entitlement for benefits. A few rules apply to Medicare eligibility. Applicants do not qualify for cash benefits more than one year prior to the date of their application. Individuals who are found disabled must serve a five month waiting period before they are eligible for cash benefits. This eligibility for cash benefits is what Social Security calls the month of entitlement.These  rules can be confusing especially the term of month of entitlement. An example might be helpful to explain these rules. An individual's date of onset of disability is January 1, 2008 based on the medical and other evidence  However this individual does not apply for disability until January 1, 2010. He is approved for benefits on June 1, 2010 with the onset date of January 1 2008 and the month of entitlement for benefits is January 1, 2009. In computing his eligibility for Medicare, his waiting period of five months is served before he eligible for cash benefits or his month of entitlement This individual is eligible for Medicare benefits on January 1, 2011.This is two years after his month of entitlement of January 1, 2009.

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