A vocational expert (VE) assists the Administrative Law Judge  (ALJ) by identifying your past work and describing the exertional and skill level. The exertional level is a description of the physical demands of the job. The skill level is a description of the length of time for an individual to learn  to do the job.After the VE identifies your past work, the ALJ will ask the VE  questions about whether a person with a certain physical capacity and mental capacity similiar to yours could perform your past work or any other work. The ALJ often begins questioning the VE by asking about the limitations that the State agency found when they denied your claim. In response to that question, the VE will often identify many jobs that the applicant could perform. Sometimes the ALJ stops there and asks your attorney if there any questions.Your attorney should be prepared to ask questions based on your doctors' report of your limitations, if any and your testimony. In this part of the hearing, it is crucial to have an experienced lawyer who knows what questions to ask; that should elicit an answer by the VE that there are no jobs that you could perform. For more information order our free pamphlet Give Yourself Your Best Chance of  Winning Your Disability Case.  For a free evaluation call us at 402(933-5400) or you can also email [email protected]

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