Document. Your sister is clearly unable to apply for disability benefits in Lincoln independently, so the very situation you are presenting is a key piece of evidence for her case.

Anyone who is unable to understand and coherently respond to basic questions about their health and mental capacity would clearly be unable to function in the workplace without much more supervision than most employers can readily provide.

If possible, keep track of the following:

  • The number of times you’ve attempted to fill out paperwork with your sister,
  • Her apparent level of comprehension for application questions,
  • What responses she gave to application questions, if any,
  • How long she was able to focus on the task,
  • Any behavioral issues she demonstrated during the process.

With this information, you can write a detailed statement to the SSA explaining that your sister’s impairments are so severe she was unable to apply for disability benefits on her own. Statements from family members are most effective as support for primary evidence, typically in the form of hard medical evidence.

Hiring a Lincoln Disability lawyer for your sister’s case before she applies is in your best interests. Intellectual disability claims can be difficult to win even when you are experienced with the Social Security system. Working with an attorney could help her claim be approved in a much shorter time frame—significantly limiting mistakes and unnecessary delays.

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