No. There is no legal obligation for you to retain legal representation when filing an initial application—or at any point in the appeals process, even if you take your claim all the way up to a hearing before federal district court.

However, there are really only a few cases where people wouldn’t benefit from the assistance of experienced legal representation in their disability case. People diagnosed with a severe disability that exactly meets the Social Security standard for their disability type often will have a claim approved on the first try.

Most people, unfortunately, do not fit into this category. Nearly 70% of people who file for disability benefits will have their application denied.

There are many important tasks an attorney can assist you with or complete on your behalf. These include:

  • Filling out paperwork correctly
  • Meeting all necessary filing deadlines
  • Tracking your claim and keeping you updated on its status
  • Helping you gather appropriate information from your doctors
  • Building a persuasive case for your disability
  • Utilizing experience and understanding of the Social Security system to help your claim move smoothly through the decision process

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