Maybe. It is hard to give you a definitive answer from the limited facts provided in your question. However, we can tell you that Social Security disability is something that your father might want to consider.

Let’s assume for the moment that your father last worked at Bellevue Medical Center and paid into the Social Security system for years. Now he has been hurt. His doctors are saying that he is completely disabled and unable to work.

Social Security Disability May Be an Option—But First, He Has to Apply

Your father may have worked long enough to quality for Social Security disability and his inability to work may make him eligible for benefits. However, the Social Security Administration is not going to start sending him a check unless he applies for benefits and his application is approved. Thus, the first step should be finding out whether Social Security disability is a viable option and learning about how to file an application in Bellevue.

Generally, you can file an application on your own or with the help of a local Social Security disability lawyer. Regardless of the option that you or your father chooses, it is important to fill out the application accurately and completely. Even a small mistake can cause your father’s Social Security disability application to be denied and the appeals process can take months.

To find out more about whether your father qualifies for benefits and about how to apply for benefits, please read our FREE book 5 Deadly Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Social Security Disability Case. You can also fill out our contact form to have a local Bellevue area disability lawyer contact you directly.

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