Many people can get Social Security payments if they are unable to walk without assistance, but some cases require less review than others do. For example, if an applicant who has trouble walking has also lost the use of his hands, he may automatically qualify for benefits because he will be unable to use a cane or assistive device..

Which Conditions Automatically Qualify Me for Social Security Disability?

A few of the more serious ambulatory conditions include:

  • Amputation. The loss of both hands, one or both lower extremities, or one hand and one lower extremity that results in a medical inability to use a prosthetic device to walk may qualify if the applicant  is expected to be unable to ambulate effectively for more than one year.
  • Lower-limb fracture. A fracture of the pelvis, femur, tibia, or one or more bones in the feet may qualify, if the bones will not heal and will cause walking difficulties for a year or more. In addition, a hemi-pelvectomy or hip disarticulation may qualify you for benefits if it causes long-term inability to walk.
  • Upper-extremity fracture. Any fracture of the humerus, radius, or ulna that requires continual surgical treatment that will not stabilize the legs for walking in the coming year may qualify an individual for disability benefits.
  • Soft tissue problems. Any soft tissue injuries (such as burns) on the body, face, head, or extremities that cause ambulation issues and will be under continuing surgical management for the next 12 months will likely qualify an individual for benefits.

In most cases, those who have problems walking unaided will have to meet certain qualifications before the Social Security Administration will consider their condition disabling. Email us today at [email protected]  for a no cost evlauation of your claim.

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