Most likely, as long as you meet certain Social Security  requirements. For example, if you have a pre-existing condition such as cancer or diabetes, or you were able to work for a while with a condition but then suffered a setback that made employment impossible, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will use certain factors to determine eligibility.

Meeting the Blue Book Requirements

SSDI for a pre-existing conditionGenerally, you'll qualify for Social Security benefits if you have a pre-existing condition, but you must meet the standard requirements for that condition listed in the Social Security Blue Book, officially known as the Listing of Impairments. It details the disabling conditions that qualify for benefits, along with information and evidence you need to include with your application to prove that you’re disabled. It also outlines the process the SSA uses to make decisions about approval.

Typically, for most conditions and illnesses, the SSA requires a disability that prevents you from working for at least 12 months.

The Blue Book provides specific criteria about disabling conditions, and it’s written in language meant for medical professionals and Social Security workers rather than in layman’s terms. Consequently, it can be challenging to understand the Blue Book requirements and to submit a credible and persuasive application that convinces the SSA that you qualify. Because of this, it’s important to hire a skilled and experienced Social Security disability attorney to help when you have a pre-existing condition and want to file a claim.

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If you need disability benefits for a pre-existing condition, hiring legal representation can be advantageous in getting your claim approved. The attorneys at Cardigan Law assisted thousands of clients over the years—filling out paperwork, collecting their medical records, calling doctors, and managing them through the application process.

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