Yes, you may bring your spouse, another family member or a friend to your appeal hearing. Many of our clients have told us that having the support of a loved one at the hearing was very important for them.

You’ll want to remember:

  • If you’re working with a Fremont disability attorney, talk to him as soon as possible about bringing a guest. It’s possible that your attorney will want to meet with your husband beforehand.
  • Your hearing will be in Omaha at the hearing office.
  • We typically do not ask your guest to testify.
  • Your husband shouldn’t intervene during  your testimony, even if you can’t remember something or become confused. Your answers must be your own.
  • Any guest should also understand how to make the best possible impression on hearing day with regards to appropriate dress and behavior on the facility grounds.
  • It may be necessary to step back, look at the situation honestly, and make some hard decisions. If you have any doubts about bringing a loved one to your appeal hearing, it may be better to choose someone else or just attend with your legal representation.

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