Identifying a job or jobs that someone with your impairments should still be able to perform is one of the primary roles of the vocational expert testifying at your Bellevue disability claim appeal hearing. In other words, it’s a vocational expert’s job to possess a profound depth of knowledge about the current and local job market.

Because of this, the VE is required to offer a fairly large amount of information about any job they feel you are capable of performing. The VE references the Department of Labor’s Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) to give you the following required information:

  • The title of the job.
  • The number assigned to the job title in DOT.
  • How many jobs of this type are available locally and nationally.

Any jobs the VE suggests must currently exist in significant numbers in both the local and the national economy.

While a VE may know a lot about job titles and the functions necessary to perform them, he or she won’t possess that same depth of knowledge about your health conditions and limitations. Because of this, your attorney is allowed to cross-examine the expert, improving your chances of avoiding another denial.

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