If you haven’t been prepared for a consultative exam as part of your Fremont Social Security benefits application, you’ll probably be surprised by how quickly the appointment goes—most are less than 10 minutes!

Another surprise for many of our clients has been the attitude of the doctor performing the consultative exam. While it certainly isn’t always the case, we’ve heard about doctors who didn’t seem to listen or believe what applicants told them.

To help, we’ve collected a few pointers for getting through a consultative examination even if your doctor seems unfriendly or intimidating.

  • The consultative examination is intended to gather information for your disability benefits claim. Therefore, the doctor will only have and need a very limited amount of information about your case.
  • The doctor is paid by Social Security—not you—to perform the exam. Because of this, the doctor will put the priorities of the SSA first.
  • Don’t take the doctor’s demeanor personally. It’s possible they’ve already performed several similar examinations in the course of a shift; their attitude may arise from feelings of exhaustion or frustration that have nothing to do with you.
  • Be honest about your symptoms. Don’t exaggerate or downplay the impact your symptoms have had on your day-to-day life.
  • Remember:  No matter what the doctor is like, you’ll only be dealing with her for a few minutes, and the report will have an impact on your claim. Do your best to stay polite and consider reporting extreme situations at a later point in time.

If you have more questions about consultative examinations or any part of the Social Security disability claim process, call a Freemont disability attorney at 402-933-5405 or [email protected] today. Be sure to request our free report, Give Yourself the Best Chance of Winning Your Social Security Disability Case.

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