A 2010 report from Social Security Oiffice Inspector General (OIG)found that many claims for arthritis state agencies that reviewed claims for Social Secuity were denied were later approved by the Administrative Law Judges that hold hearings. The SSA report  disclosed factors that impacted disability determinations at both the Disability Determination Service (DDS) and hearing levels. DDS is the agency in each state that is contracted by SSA to develop the medical evidence and issue decisions at the initial and reconsideration levels. The findings included:

Claimant age impacted disability determinations at both the DDS and hearing levels.

Determinations of claimants’ ability to work resulted in differences at the DDS and hearing levels.

Claimant representation was more prevalent in cases allowed at the hearing level than in cases decided at the DDS level.

Cases were allowed at the hearing level based on a different impairment than that on which the DDS made its initial decision

If your claim for benefits based  on arthritis was denied, don't give up. Many valid claims for arthritis are initially denied DDS but later approved by an administrative law judge.For a free copy of our pamphlet Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Handle Your Disability Claim contact Omaha social security disability lawyer at (402) 933 5400 or [email protected]

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