The VA has two key programs that cover home accessibility. One is the Specialty Adapted Housing (SHA) grant. To qualify, a veteran has to have a permanent and total service-connected disability which occurred during active military duty. If your dad is eligible, the Specialty Adapted Housing Grant can be used to purchase an adapted home or for the cost of a ramp or other modifications necessitated by his disability. The grant is for 50% of the purchase or construction cost with a maximum benefit (in 2016) of $73,768.

Veterans with disabilities may also be eligible for Home Improvement and Structural Alterations grants (HISA) toward the cost of what the VA classifies as “medically necessary improvements and structural alterations to a Veterans/Servicemembers’ primary residence”. Under this program, veterans with a service-connected disability are eligible for a lifetime benefit of up to $6800 and veterans with a non service-connected disability can receive up to $2000.

For more information and to apply for home accessibility assistance, contact a benefits administrator at your local VA office.

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