Do you want to know the most important secret about winning Social Security disability benefits?

It is not enough to say you have a certain disease or type of injury even when the diagnosis is backed up your doctor and your medical records. Furthermore, it is also not enough to say or have your doctor say you are disabled. In the final analysis, the name of specific illness or injury or the term “disabled” don’t really mean much to the Social Security Administration (SSA). You have to prove that your medical condition (or combination of conditions) prevents you from holding onto a job. It is the limitations imposed by an illness or injury rather than the illness or injury itself that determines whether you will be awarded disability benefits.

Take for example a common injury—a herniated disc. Some people with this injury only have limited discomfort. For others, however, a herniated disc can mean excruciating pain and severe limitations on their ability to work.

Because no two cases are exactly alike, you should have your case evaluated by an expert who specifically focuses on Social Security disability law.  You can call Cuddigan Law at 402-933-5318 for a free evaluation of your situation.


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