There is a difference between a veteran's claim for pension and a claim for compensation based on total disability individual employability.  A favorable Social Security decision can potentially affect these claims differently.To qualify for pension in simplest terms a veteran must have served in the time of war, meet certain financial criteria and be totally disabled. In the case of a claim for pension a Social Security favorable decision would prove the element of total disability. However the finding of total disability in a Social Security claim would not necessarily win your claim for compensation based on individual unemployability. In finding you disabled for Social Security purposes all evidence of current disability  is considered. This may include medical and other evidence that is not related to a veteran's service and may include regulations that favor an individual based on their age.  Showing a service connection to your current disability is necessary for Individual Unemployability.

Understanding medical evidence is important for your success in a veteran's claim for pension or compensation. If you have questions about your  claim contact us at (402) 933-5405. We can help you sort out your medical evidence and put together a winning claim.

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