Congratulations! Your Social Security disability claim has been approved.

You know that these are the words you were hoping to hear from the Social Security Administration (SSA). You know that having your Social Security disability claim approved is important, but do you know what you should expect now?

What Happens Next

The letter that informs you that your Social Security disability claim is approved will tell you what happens next. This letter is called a Notice of Award. Generally, the SSA will begin paying your Social Security disability benefits for the fifth full month after your qualifying disability began. Sometimes you receive a deposit in your bank account before you receive this notice.This may happen if you gave Social Security banking information when you applied for benefits. The Notice of Award should tell you when your benefits will begin and how much your benefits will be. If you agree with the effective date and the amount of your benefits then there may be little left for you to do but to wait for your payment.

What Happens If Your Social Security Disability Claim is Not Approved

Unfortunately, not every person who qualifies for Social Security disability benefits has his or her application approved on the first try. If your receive notice from the SSA that your claim has been denied then you may need to pursue an appeal.

Do not give up! Many Social Security disability applications are initially denied and then later approved on appeal.

Do you know someone who has filed a Social Security disability application in Sarpy County? The wait can be agonizing. Please share this blog post with that person so the he or she knows what may happen if his or her application is approved or denied by the SSA.


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