Total Disability Individual Unemployability—with the acronym TDIU—is part of the VA’s disability compensation program. If a veteran’s disabilities prevent them from being able to get and keep a job, TDIU allows them to have their disability rating raised to 100 percent even though the rating on their service-connected disabilities do not equal 100 percent. Unemployability is the VA’s way of acknowledging that some veterans with disability ratings below 100 are unable to work due to their impairments.

Frustratingly, the VA’s rules and processes for TDIU compensation are among the hardest and most confusing to understand. Too many veterans are denied TDIU benefits because of simple mistakes they make during the process. But, we can offer you some help in understanding TDIU and how to avoid mistakes that may sabotage your chances to obtain the benefits you have rightfully earned.

In fact, we wrote the book on it: “The Road Map to a 100 percent VA Rating—What Veterans Need to Know About TDIU”. 

Because we want you have the best opportunities to win your TDIU case we are offering you our book for free. We are confident you will find this to be an invaluable book. It is a straightforward guide without the mumbo-jumbo of legal talk and terms.

This book will improve the odds of you winning your TDIU benefits. You can download your free copy of “The Road Map to a 100 percent VA Rating—What Veterans Need to Know About TDIU” from our website, Do it today. You’ll be glad you did.



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