Today, along with ten of my colleagues from the National Organization of Social Security Representatives (NOSSCR), I was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.  Although I am not likely to ever appear before this court, it was a privilege to participate in the swearing in ceremony. This ceremony was held during a session of the Court. With all the Justices present, except for Justice Scalia, three decisions were announced and a portion of the decisions were read by the Justice who wrote the opinion. After the portion of the decision was read, with the court present, approximately one hundred lawyers were administered the oath by the clerk.  As lawyers, we all study constitutional law during law school, and today I was privileged to watch it in action. After the ceremony there was thirty minute educational program about the Court. I was amazed to hear that the Court did not have its own building until 1935. The building is very majestic and serves as a symbol that the Supreme Court is one of the co-equal branches of government, along with the President and the Congress under our constitution. The Court’s charge engraved over the doors of the building is to ensure “Equal Justice Under Law.”

Timothy J. Cuddigan (Founder - Retired)
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