Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa's Social Security Office of Disability Adjudication and Review Moves From 92nd and Center to 90th and Western

After having been in their previous location for over 20 years, the Social Security Administration's disability hearing office located in Omaha, Nebraska has moved from 9239 West Center Road to 1000 North 90th Street effective June 23, 2014. The new hearing office is located on the southwest corner of 90th and Western Avenue. Western Avenue is located between the major thoroughfare streets of Dodge and Blondo. Social Security's disability judges and support staff will be on the 5th Floor, Suite 500.

Help Locating the Social Security Hearing Office's New Location

The last thing you need to be thinking about on the morning of your Social Security Disability hearing is how to locate the office. Since the Hearing office was in the same location for so long, and since they've just recently moved, we've provided photos of the office building and entrance below for your conveneince.

Disability Adjudication

This is a picture of the west side of the building. The east side looks similar.

New Location

A picture of the sign on 90th Street facing south.

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