social security offices are open


The more than 1,200 Social Security Administration (SSA) field and local offices have been shuttered since March due to the pandemic. The vast majority of SSA employees have been teleworking from home.

Local SSA offices are accepting in-person visitors to their local offices only by appointment and only in “dire need” situations. In general SSA says a dire need exists when:

  • You do not have food or the means to obtain it; or
  • You are unable to obtain medical care or medication, or  you have restricted access to medical care because of a lack of resources; or
  • You lack shelter or necessary utilities.

If you believe you need to speak with a Social Security representative face-to-face, you can’t just drop in. Call your local office first.

On July 20th, the SSA issued guidelines you must follow if you have an appointment at a SSA office, you must complete a self-assessment checklist before you will be allowed to enter. If you  meet the self-assessment requirements you must wear a face covering over your mouth and nose to enter the facility. If you do not have a mask, SSA will provide you with one. If you are unable to wear a face covering, call the office and ask to speak with the manager.




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