One of the most common conditions that causes people to file a Social Security disability claim is chronic back pain. Every year Social Security sees thousands of disability claims for back pain. More than three-quarters of initial claims to get social security disability for back pain are turned down by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

What Do the Numbers Look Like?

Seventy-eight percent of initial claims are denied according to a 2014 SSA report. However, 70 percent are approved after a hearing in front of an SSA administrative law judge. If your back problems are legitimately preventing you from working, it pays to be persistent and to have a strong Omaha SSDI lawyer in your corner.

social security disability for back painHow Does the SSA Decide Whether You Qualify for Social Security Disability for Back Pain?

In deciding whether you qualify for social security disability for back pain, the SSA will look at

  • Your objective symptoms, to determine if they match the requirements in the Social Security’s impairment listing.
  • Your functional limitations (for example, does walking cause you pain, is your range of motion limited and interfering with your ability to stoop or bend, or are you only able to sit or stand in one position for a short time) to see if you can return to your previous work or do any other work in the national economy.

Because most back pain claims are based on subjective reporting of the severity of pain, SSA will also evaluate your credibility.

Our Omaha SSDI Lawyer Can Help You Get Disability Benefits for Back Pain in Nebraska

Winning a disability case for chronic back pain is not easy, but it can be done and has been accomplished by our Omaha SSDI lawyer for countless numbers of our clients. Don’t be afraid to get help. The SSDI attorneys at Cuddigan Law focus exclusively on disability law and can present your case in a way that Social Security can understand. Contact us for a free evaluation of your situation.

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